"Counterstrike" EP (2014)

by Bad Blood

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released April 21, 2014

Recorded in Subscalar Studios, Zagreb, february - april, 2014.
Produced by Mario Tomaskovic.
All lyrics by Branko Nadj
All music by Bad Blood



all rights reserved


Bad Blood Zagreb, Croatia


True veterans of croatian metal and hardcore scene, Bad Blood was founded back in 1998, when four friends decide to play music together and pay tribute to bands they all loved. So from day one, Bad Blood combined hardcore power of Pro Pain, thrash diversity of Sepultura and love for guitar solo as well as damaging live shows of Pantera. ... more

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Track Name: Invictus
Grateful on the pain, still breathin’
Glorify the scars
Those who died in vain, remembered
Reaching for the stars
Trust the will of God, don’t bother
Sometimes we must fall
Then we choose to rise and
Yet another wall...
Weakness inside mankind
Rise over
Weakness inside...
Legacy of shame, upon us
No one to repent
War is raging on, too frightened
Bravery descent
Hope is what we got left, no one
Willing to give up
Spark is growing bigger, a flame
Ocean in a cup
Gaining supremacy over the enemy
Track Name: Cast The Stone
Let me tell you hunt is over
I won’t be your target any more
Honesty, like four leaf clover
Truth is a lady not a whore

I guess it’s easy to cast a stone
So easy to hate
My mistakes and my sins are mine alone

Let me tell you what you need
A good old fashioned beating
First lesson always free
Others through bleeding

Now I’m stronger than ever
I’ll cut through your lies
Words are my weapon
I’ll use them as knives

I fucking dare you to cast a stone
I dare you to hate
When curtains closes, you will die alone
Track Name: History Of Violence
Blood is now on our hands, got to
Get your head out of sand, because
We were wrong for so long
Causing pain, acting strong

All began in Middle age, senseless
With the peasants in a cage, freedom
Tyrants grab all the land
And they ruled with bloody hands

Villains - on the throne
Villains - never gone
Villains - with a cross
Villains - misleading us

Watching war on CNN, mindless
Random killing, with no plan, go to
Shoot to kill, then you win
Kiss the cross for no sin

With the Bible by your bed, aiming
Weapons get more accurate, more death
Holy water bless our guns
Holy wars took our sons


Religion is just like a trigger
Bloodthirst of kings is getting bigger
Enforcing the war upon others
Slaughtered of innocent, no one bothers
Track Name: Private Hell
Drowning in a spoon,
Up to my neck in grief
Cannot break the tide

Lungs are filled with sand,
Got nothing left to fear
Can’t turn back the time

Welcome to my private hell
In the gutter, where I dwell

Nothing left to lose,
When you got nothing left to give,
An empty shell

Living with myself
It’s like a living with a beast
This is farewell

Those who play God cannot understand
Those who play God cannot understand
Willingly facing death by my own hand
Walls are closing on me, jail within
Slaying serpents, and I’m shedding my skin

It’s too late
I’ve crossed the line
Track Name: Broken Wings (inst.)
Track Name: Crying Clown
How I became
The source of their pain

To my firstborn, I’m a pillar, hold him nearer
To my daughter, I’m an armor, no one harm her
To my brother, I am still my brother’s keeper
To myself, a crying clown, that’s sinking deeper

For all the pain
I’m taking the blame
To my firstborn, I’m a pillar...

To my daughter, I’m an armor...
To my brother, still his keeper...
To myself, a crying reaper....

Sinking deeper, than before
Living heartfull, nevermore
Now forgotten, a locked door
Waiting death to be reborn
A better man
A caring man
With strength to finish, what he began
A clown is weeping
A clown is torn
He had his share
Of sins, senor