"Inner Core" (2016)

by Bad Blood

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recorded @ Chicken Sound Studio Zagreb, January - March, 2016.
mixed & mastered by Vedran Kovačić Beli


released April 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Bad Blood Zagreb, Croatia


True veterans of croatian metal and hardcore scene, Bad Blood was founded back in 1998, when four friends decide to play music together and pay tribute to bands they all loved. So from day one, Bad Blood combined hardcore power of Pro Pain, thrash diversity of Sepultura and love for guitar solo as well as damaging live shows of Pantera. ... more

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Track Name: Serving Them Bastardz
Dark as December
I hate what we’ve become
Taught to surrender
A slave no more

Hard to remember
The pride we had before
Too broke, too scared, too long
I’m off to war

My life, my body, my soul...
Obey nobody
These chains are
My life, my body, my soul...
Obey nobody
These chains are
Broken and gone

Serving, too many masters
Jester, taking control
Serving them bastardz
Serve ‘till we crawl

Your future is what you make it
The future lies on the palm of your hand
A freedom isn’t free, you better take it
Break down this castle of sand
Track Name: Inner Core
Fuck all the haters, they were wrong
Still here, still strong
Determination from within
Often crucified, without any sin

The path we've chosen
Through the thorns
Not for everybody
Through the thorns

I wouldn't change a fucking thing
One day beggar becomes the king
Stubborn man with stubborn mind
Hard to follow, blind is leading the blind

The path we've chosen
Through the thorns
Not for everybody
Through the thorns

The story behind the story
For music not the glory
Track Name: Shadows feat. Gary Meskil / Pro Pain
Over the hills and far away
Looking for voices, I wish they'd stayed
Shallow resemblance of family
Walk among shadows where life should be

Remember the laughs and time we'd cry
Angry at God with the question - Why?

Teaching my son integrity
Those who are gone, keep in memory
Taken from us, void, misery
They walk among shadows for eternity

Remember the laughs, and time we'd cry
Angry at God with the question - Why?

Not all who wander are lost
Sailing to ivory coast
Tide is too high, shore is too far
Wandering shadows and ghosts

So much unspoken, no coming back
Walk among humans, a shadow black
Remember the laughs, and time we’d cry
Angry at God with the question - Why?
Track Name: Mors Indecepta
Life everlasting nothing but fraud
A grand illusion, a magic trick
They're selling us fake image of God
Father, Father, make it quick!

Shallow breathing
Slowly leaving Earth's domain
Family is praying, hear them sayin’:
“No more pain”

Don’t be afraid, embrace the end
Like Mother Earth embraces your body
Nothing but dirt, heaven nor hell
Just Mother Earth embraces your body

Misguided, blinded 'till your last breath
Invent religion, sacrilege
Too long we've lived, stop hiding from death
No resurrection, nothingness
Track Name: Hammers & Nails
Hide the mirror
Becoming someone else
Chase the starlight
Blinded by persistence
How can we justify the hate?
Stuck in the gutter
Others fulfill my fate

My father told me, each man has choices to make
Be a hammer, be a nail
My father told me for every wrong step you take
Always hammer, never nail

Lost the virtues
I was traveling with
Pride & Honor
Forgotten, just a myth
Too blind to see the consequence
Afraid of fear itself
Straightforward dominance


Better believe it
Hammers are destined to win
Better be ready to suffer
Slowly the nailing begins
Rather get beaten
Nevermind bruisers and scars
Rather get knocked down again and again
Defiance got us this far

Aim sky high
Or you don’t aim at all
Mental fences
Eager to see them fall
Don’t be a sheep among the wolves
Bite or get eaten
Learn that lesson, fool!